Syndicated landings

Trust can also be used in financial areas in case of syndicated lending. In this case, more than one creditor extends a loan to the borrower. The creditors do not perform directly to the borrower but through trust and the debtor must perform to the trustee. The benefit of this solution is that a single person, the trustee, acts as a creditor, who can also be one of the actual creditors, and thus represents all the other creditors and attends to administrative tasks. This form of lending can be combined with a collateral element too, and as a result, the creditor and the collateral are represented by a single person. In view of the special rules of trust and the trustee's obligations of loyalty, this solution represents a high-level guarantee for the parties for the contractual performance of the loan agreement. Furthermore, by reducing the risk and the administration of lending, the costs can also be reduced considerably.