Primust Trust Bizalmi Vagyonkezelő Zrt has been founded by the founding shareholders with the commercial and professional purpose of spreading fiduciary asset management, the Hungarian version of the English “trust”, which was introduced by the new Civil Code in 2014, as widely as possible in Hungary as well as in the East-Central European civil and business spheres.

One of the supporting pillars of trust is the database requiring multi-faceted expertise which should be created by the trustee through ensuring harmonious cooperation between all affected experts. Therefore, the management of Primus Trust considers it as one of its key tasks to create long-term cooperation with the experts (attorneys, tax advisers, accounting experts, financial and investment advisers, interest representation bodies, etc.) who appear as potential professional and business partners in connection with the management of private and family assets. One of the main sources of the success of trust lies in the recognition that the chief virtue and task of the trustee is to create an opportunity for competent experts for cooperation, provide cooperation platforms and leverage the professional and business synergies in cooperation.

Primus Trust’s core activity is the safe and at the same time efficient management of the assets transferred to the company in accordance with the management principles specified in the trust deed to the benefit of the beneficiaries designated in it. We all know that all this can only besuccessful as a result of disciplined and unselfish team work.

For this reason, we are open to cooperating with any qualified and experienced expert who is ready to learn about and accept the essence of trust and the possibilities inherent in it and offer them to their clients. We have designed our national and international „Primus Trust Partner Programme”, about which we are happy to provide detailed information both verbally and in writing for any interested expert.

If you are interested, please contact us.